Welcome to Domino Media!

Domino Media specialises in marketing, advertising and promotion of companies throughout the UK. Our main objective is to help promote the activity of the polish community.

We have great knowledge and experience in conducting promotional campaigns. In addition, we also create a very positive image of both Polish and British businesses. This will conclude to increase sales and rising company revenue.

Over the years, domino media has developed and gained recognition in the advertising sector. Our recent activities have revolved around the transport field. In the near coming future we aim to broaden our advertisement into different sectors, meeting a wider range of customers.

While providing a professional service, we aspire to offer our facilities at an affordable price to all customers.

Domino Media will fulfil your request depending on your requirements and budget.

Other services that we offer are: MotoKlub social networking site, the information service Dietary Supplements, Nutrition and service with free classifieds InfoGielda.